Themefusion Introduces Avada 5.7 - What's New?

October 1, 2018| codeless

It’s The Finer Details Of Avada 5.7 That Make All The Difference.

For over 6 years ThemeFusion has consistently and lovingly updated, improved and evolved. Avada is the #1 selling and most versatile, easy to use multi-purpose WordPress theme on the market. Avada is all about building unique, creative and professional websites through industry leading options network and features without having to touch a line of code.

Avada 5.7 is a completely free update for anybody who already owns a theme license and we would like to thank our 450,000+ customer who have chosen the Avada WordPress theme for their past, present and future projects.


Fusion White Label Branding v1.1

The next iterated release of the Fusion White Label Branding plugin that is bundled with Avada is free for you to update. An array of new features and improvements takes this highly popular plugin to the next level, to help you manage your brand and client requirements for Avada, The Fusion Builder, Fusion Slider and more.


New Creativity Tools

Avada 5.7 theme update gives you feature-rich and dynamic additions to enhance your workflow when creating with Avada and The Fusion Builder. Significant Element improvements, styling options, mobile header styling, mobile sidebar ordering, pagination flexibility and so much more.

  • Container Publishing Status- Full control over targeted content within pages and posts. You decide when content within containers will be published or muted, perfect for promotions and campaigns.
  • Transparent Mobile Headers- Enable mobile header transparency and keep your brand styling consistent across all devices

  • Mobile Sidebar Order- Choose the order of sidebars and main content area on mobile layouts through drag & drop sorting.

  • Flyout Menu Hover Effects- Add a unique image for each of your menu items that will display on mouseover.

  • Pagination Flexibility- Two additional options available to give you more control over the page range for your pagination.

  • Avada Vertical Menu Icons- Use the Avada Menu Options to add your custom or Font Awesome icon to your Vertical Menus.

  • Page Title Bar Updates- You can now set the PTB Subheading color to further expand on your design choices.

SYNTHESIS /ˈsɪnθɪsɪs/ noun

Avada & Gutenberg Continued Progress

Gutenberg is certainly gathering pace and so are we. Our team at ThemeFusion HQ is closely following the development cycle and progress of Gutenberg. As has and always will be the case, ThemeFusion is dedicated to delivering the best working experience for anyone that uses Avada and Fusion Builder. For the latest release of Avada 5.7 they have included new buttons and toggles to make it easier for you to switch between Fusion Builder, the Classic Editor and Gutenberg. They  have also added an element generator to the Gutenberg classic block for your convenience.

This is only the beginning, ThemeFusion is on top of all developments where Gutenberg is concerned, and  working diligently to ensure that Avada stays ahead of the curve.


Fusion Builder Element Updates

An array of Fusion Builder Elements have been extended in Avada 5.7 to provide greater flexibility and creative choices for your projects. Delve into the new options they’ve included in this update and unlock Avada’s fullest potential.

  • Title – Font Settings- Set the custom font size, line height, letter spacing and font color for all of your Title Elements.
  • Text Block – Mobile Visibility- Choose to show or hide the Text Block Element on various screen sizes to enhance your pages responsive design on various devices.

  • Image Element – Effects- The “glow” and “drop shadow” styles have a new blur option that lets you control the level of visual emphasis for images.
  • Testimonial Element – Navigation- The testimonial element now has options for navigation, auto play and transition speed.

  • Gallery Element – Captions- The Gallery Element allows you to have a Caption for images, without having to be accompanied by a Title.


More Noteworthy Additions

That was not all! Here are some more noteworthy additions to the #1 selling WordPress Theme in the World in the Avada 5.7 update:

  • Mobile Menu Dashes- Enable or Disable the dashes in mobile menus.
  • Image Translation via WPML- Elements that allow users to pick images are now fully “picture translateable” through WPML.

  • Font Awesome v5.3.1- An update to the latest version of Font Awesome to include 50+ more icons has been included.

  • WooCommerce Sorting- WooCommerce sorting has been added on to the search results page.

  • Sidebar Filtering- Added a filter for sidebar settings on single posts of any post type.

  • Improved Icon Search- Icon picker search is now much faster and allows for better keyword search.

  • WCAG 2.0 Fine Tuning- Added CSS outlines to our Theme Options. Browser specific CSS element outlines are now used.

  • Related Posts Images- The fixed image size for related posts is now customizable through a filter.

  • SVG Support Addition- SVG’s are now supported for Social Icons.

  • Envato API Responses- Output messages of the Envato server checks have been fine-tuned and additional info was added.

  • Option Descriptions- Updated Option Descriptions and Dependancies for improved usability.

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